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Product Name:301-4D
Product Code:Q-Tech 301-4D

Product description:


1. Anti-block design;
2. With ultrasonic welding, Water Resist and Dust Proof;
3. High torque motor;
4. Strong output;
5. With long service life;
6. Be suitable for various autos;
7. Compatible with car alarm system;
8. Adjustable positioning hardware for easy installation and quiet operation

Technical Data

1. Working Voltage: DC12V
2. Output current: 4A
3. Working Humidity:<75%
4. Working Temperature range: -20'C - +70'C
5. Working Distance: 22mm
6. Pull/push force: 4KG
7. Woorking life: 100,000times

Q-Tech 301-4D -301-4D
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