Frequently Asked Questions about GPS Tracking Solutions

Any problems arises? Wondering how it works?

Q: Can I view my vehicles through the PC?
     Yes, you may view your vehicles through any brand of PC as long as it is 
      connected to the Internet.

Q: I can not view the map from the website. Why? 
     We encourage our customers to use the Internet Explorer as the browser so 
     that the features of the website could be fully activated. 

Q: Can I view my vehicles and reports from the phone?
     Yes, you may just go to the website and after inputing the username and 
     password you will be able to view your vehicles as well as the reports.

Q: Is there any visible antenna on the vehicle?
     No, the vehicle tracking device will be installed in an inaccessible location.

Q: Is there any warranty for the vehicle tracking device?
     Yes, we do offer warranty and we now even offer the lifetime warranty for the 
     V4 series only to the customers.

Q: Will there be any "extra charge" after the payment for the subscription and 
     No, we guarantee that there will be no hidden cost for our products.